About Us

About Sirvan

Sirvan Industrial Group, founded in 1995, stepped in industry area with the goal to develop quality and quantity of household and industrial refrigerator and freezer parts. This group has always done its best to go forward through drawing the customers' satisfactions. However, this aim would be unachievable without respecting principles of quality warrant of products.

Extruded evaporators was the first product of the company in 1995. And a year after that, Copper and Aluminum joints, and suction pipes were manufactured in various sizes and different shapes. And in 1997, assembly line of defrost heating elements started to work. Roll Bond Evaporator was as well produced along with expertise of proficient engineers in 1998.

During 1999 and 2001, this group aimed to complete services in Roll Bond and Evaporator section such as color building, electrostatic coating colors, Argon welding, installing joints and suction tubes to the sheets, punching capillary tube on single-pipe Roll Bonds, punches and various bends, coning and expanding different pipes, etc.

Hidden Evaporators in 2008, Condensers and Wire on Tube Evaporators in 2010, Compact (Unit) condensers in 2011 and No Frost Asian Evaporators in 2011 have been added successfully to the production line of the company.

Due to applying genuine and science-based quality and keeping up with high technologies of the time, this group is honored to receive Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2008 in 2013. In addition, we are proud to be number one manufacturer in this field in terms of wide range and varied number of products along with high qualities.

Thus, the motto of this industrial team, including the management department and all the staff, is "Innovation, Development and Dynamism" through sincere efforts of the staff and proficiency and wisdom of the management section.